• 15.4.2011 SEC Consult at Infosecurity Europe 2011, London.
    SEC Consult presents its new services at the largest fair for information security in Europe. Secure Software as a Service (SSaaS) with the proven SECoverer technology will be launched in the United Kingdom. [external Link]
  • 27./29.7.2010 SECoverer at Black-Hat Arsenal, Las Vegas

    As a leader in application security consulting we see every day that automated security scanners with vast amounts of false positives, unspecific proof of concepts and loose integration with IDEs discourage developers and security specialists. Therefore a next step in the evolution in static source code testing is necessary. Its name is SECoverer.

    SECoverer's primary objective is to ensure that security vulnerabilities in source code get fixed. Since fully automated fixing of vulnerabilities is not feasible due to the complexity, SECoverer provides as a workbench the security specific workflow and intelligence for the security expert and the software developer.